Newgrace International Solar PV Exhibition

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Newgrace International Solar PV Exhibition

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Newgrace International Solar PV Exhibition
Date: 13-APR-09 to 15-APR-09
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center

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CSPE2009 advantages

——Brand Advantage
Shanghai International Solar PV Exhibition has fully expressed its own features of “ International, Brand-Orientation, and Specialization” and will continue to work towards its objectives of “To lead the win-win dialogue between China Solar PV Technology & equipment market and famous global enterprisers and to gain achievements for your advertising career”. With 5-year's development, CSPE has attained good reputation and turned into the new vane among the exhibitions of the same kind. ——Golden Time for Exhibition: Every April is the peak time for the manufacturers, agencies and distributors to develop and research the new technologies and products for further marketing promotions. CSPE has duly built a professional trading platform between the buyers and sellers and then made a howling success
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——Strategic Position:
Yangtze delta, especially Shanghai is the center of China's economic development. It always draws more attention of overseas suppliers and buyers, and has naturally become the important trading and distributing center of China Ad equipment and materials. Therefore, we will do our best to gather well-known brands to APPPEXPO to save time, strength and cost for the sellers and buyers and then to accomplish our purpose of building the largest global trade fair.
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Event Profile

Newgrace International Solar PV Exhibition is one of the largest business-to-business solar event. This event has been growing rapidly each year.

Visitor's Profile

The profile for the visitors: CEO's, Policy Makers, Engineers & Consultants, Project Developers, Regulatory Bodies, Technical Managers, Safety Managers, R & D Personnel.

Exhibitor's Profile

The exhibitor profile includes conventional, non conventional, renewable and clean and green energy, power transmission, distribution and conservation systems, process automation and instrumentation, boilers and steam systems, material handling systems, waste management systems, environment monitoring, petrochemical & electrical engineering etc.CSPE 2009
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Service ——Strategic Win-win

By win-win cooperation with Unites Nations Industry Organizer International solar center and China Association of New Energy, The World Expo,China Renewable Energy Institute PV branch, China New Energy Chamber of Commerce of ACFIC , Jiangsu Solar PV Industry Alliance、Spanish Solar Industry Association、Korea association of Renewable Energy、Taiwan association of Solar Opto-electrical and Shanghai New grace Exhibition Planning Co.,Ltd, we do our utmost to build the international brand of CSPE2009.
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——Media Promotion :
The organizers have integrated the activities of over 20 global professional associations and about 80 main media partners and their websites to form an all-round promotion of CSPE2009. We have been cooperating with the associations of Brazil、 Canada、France、 Germany、India、Italy、Turkey、 Korea、 Malaysia、Mexico、Thailand、U.S.A、 the United Arab Emirates、 Russia、 Spain and Vietnam to organize the overseas visitors to our exhibition. As a member of UFI, the organizers will pay more attention to promote the CSPE2009 all over the world.

——Professional Visitors:
A special team is in charge of the online registration and the maintenance of the up to date information about key industry buyers, suppliers and members of trade organizations. This database includes more than 20,000 contacts of Solar PV manufacture and suppliers, buyers and distributors from around the world. Through telephone and web marketing communication every effort is made to ensure the event is promoted to the key contacts.

——“Six –Point Program” & “One- Stop Service” :
At on-site expo, China Association of Solar PV (Shanghai) has supplied the exhibitors with a series of services. The summit of “the International Operation of China Solar PV Suppliers” has solved the industry direction; China Solar PV website can exchange the marketing information to realize the 24-hour trade; The magazine of PV Solar is to spread the very latest and the most professional industry information; Organizing the outbound Expo for local enterprises to open up the new market abroad. The above “Six -Point Program” provides you with “One- Stop Service”.
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Scope of Exhibits

★Solar PV production equipment:
1. Silicon rod silicon briquette silicon ingot production equipment: major combination product line, ingot furnace, crucible, and other related equipment.
2.Silicon wafer crystallize production equipment: major combination production line, cutting apparatus,cleaning equipment,test equipment, and other related equipment.
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3. Cell product equipment: major combination product line, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion furnace, membrane equipment/deposit furnace, silk screen printing and other furnace equipment, Tester and Sorting Machine, and other related equipment.
4. solar panel/module production equipment: major combination product line, test equipment, glass cleaning equipment, tie line / welding set, laminating equipment and so on.
5. Thin solar panel product set: amorphous silicon solar cell, cadmium tellurium Thin cell CdTe, dye sensitization cell DSSC production technology and research equipment.
★PV cell: PV cell producer, cell module producer, cell module installer.
★PV about parts: storage battery, battery charger, controller, translating unit, recording instrument, inverter, display
monitor, supporting system, follow up system, solar cable and so on.
★ PV raw or unprocessed materials: Silicon materials, silicon ingot/silicon briquette, Silicon wafer, glass package, thin
package, and other materials;
★PV products: lamps products provide power system, mobile battery charger, water pump, solar Household goods, and other solar products.
★ PV engineering and system: PV system integration, solar gas monitor system, country PV power system, solar test and control system, solar heating system project, solar PV project procedure control and project management and software formation system.
★Solar-heating products: solar outside wall, solar collector technology and system and other solar heating application products.
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Newgrace International Exhibition Planning Company Limited
Room 402, building No. 27, Lane 588, South Lianhua Road,
Shanghai, China.
Tel: +(86)-(21)-34080282
Fax: +(86)-(21)-34085282 太阳能光伏工具论坛

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